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Reiki & Reiki Classes

1431975092What does Reiki mean?
Rei – Spirit, Higher power or Divine, Ki – Life Force Energy or Consciousness

What is the History of Reiki?
The Reiki history does not originate from a particular school of thought, religion or other form of energy work. Reiki is it’s own unique discipline. Although it is a form of spiritual awakening and hands on healing that has been used for many centuries and cultures. Reiki is a Healing Technique – That is used to restore physical & emotional well being to the patient by channeling energy that activates the body’s natural healing process.
Reiki formally began to be taught in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui (1865-1926). He was quoted by saying “our Reiki Ryoho is something absolutely original and cannot be compared with any other (spiritual) path in the world”. It is said that Mr. Usui went on a 21 day retreat to Mt. Kurama for an in-depth training course called Isyu Guo. “We do not know for certain what he was required to do during this training, but it is likely that fasting, mediation, chanting and prayers were part of the practice.” – William Lee Rand
Reiki was introduced to America around the time of World War II, by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. Mrs. Takata went to a Reiki clinic in Japan from Hawaii for physical healing. She had such an amazing healing that she impressed one of the Reiki Teachers Chujiro Hayashi, to help her develop the art of Reiki to take back to America. Mrs. Takata had introduce Reiki at a turbulent time and therefore clothed Reiki in Christianity, as to be more receptive to Americans.

“Reiki can never and will never belong to one person or one organization. It is the spiritual heritage of all humanity”. – Mikao Usui

What will I feel during a Reiki session?
Reiki is said by some to be even more relaxing than massage. Reiki is relaxing and centering. Each person who receives Reiki can experience different benefits:

  • feeling re-centered
  • experiencing a heightened sense of awareness
  • enhanced well-being
  • emotional resolution
  • stress reduction
  • reduction in pain and tension
  • inner peace

Reiki Classes Pricing:

  • Reiki I & Reiki II Class: $275.
  • Reiki I, II & Masters Training combined: $475.
  • Entire Training – Reiki I, II, Masters, & Teachers: $775.
  • Masters Training only: $250. *To take Masters with Tami requires a previous in-person Reiki I and II course with Tami or another Teacher.
  • Masters & Teachers Training:  $575. *See requirement in Master’s level.
  • Teachers Training only: $475. *To take the Teacher’s level requires taking at least one other level with Tami.

Reiki Class Schedules:

  • Reiki I & II: TBD 10am-4pm
  • Reiki Masters: TBD 10:00am-2:00pm
  • Reiki Teachers: TBD 3pm-7pm

Reiki Class Dates: 

  • Reiki I & II: TBD
  • Reiki Masters: TBD
  • Reiki Teachers: TBD
    • Call or email to reserve your space
    • (970) 372-1907 or

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